Unwelcome behaviour in sci.physics.relativity

Vandemoortel Immortal fumbles:


From:  Dennis 
Date:  Tues, Oct 18 2005 
Groups:   sci.physics.relativity 

Dirk Vdm: "Sometimes, when you pretend to be Sue, you talk more 

Mr. Van de Moortel, 

As you know, I have discussed this case with a lawyer.  To 
re-summarize, I have a case for libel if
 1) the defendant either knows the statements to be false or did not 
take "due care" to determine the validity of the statements.  (In this 
case, you have been repeatedly informed that your attribution of other 
people's quotes to me were false by all parties involved and continued 
publishing falsehoods anyway.)
 AND 2) that you know the comments to be injurious to reputation.
  By previously posting it on your "immortal fumbles," a jury will 
certainly understand that not only are the attribution of the quotes 
defamatory but that you clearly believed them to be defamatory.  It is 
certainly plain that the primary purpose of your website is to 
demarcate people as "crackpots" and "kooks" and inflicted with 
"personality disorders." 

  My lawyer at the time told me that in a civil trial, he felt it would 
be rather easy to convince a judge or jury that your comments are 
false, you knew them to be false or were not concerned whether they 
were false, and that your efforts were specifically designed to be 
injurious to reputation. 

        The lawyer had been ready to proceed with the case -- but you 
retracted all your comments and removed the attribution on your 
webpage.  So I didn't pursue it. Now, you have begun again. 
This is your second strike. The very next time you falsely and publicly 
attribute a group of posts (whether written by Sue or Jahn or whomever) 
to me in an obvious effort to demean, you will be contacted by my 

        One more Dirk, and I will see you in court. 
        This will be sent via Email as well. 

--Dennis McCarthy 

Vandemoortel GR expertise:


Indeed, it's a matter of having the indices in the correct 
order. Rereading everything, I notice that I fucked up 
just about everywhere. I also swapped the numerical 
values of rs and ra. Yuck... haste brings along mistakes. 
Next time, I'll be much more careful. Thanks for having 
checked and for the correction. Amazing that no one 
else noticed. 

Dirk Vdm 

Thread:  Classical transverse Doppler effect
         in sci.physics.relativity

Dirk Van de moortel
Date : 28 apr 2005

Sergey also claims that he has a function with a nonzero 
curl(grad( )): 
Explaining where he goes wrong does not help. 

Dirk Vdm 

Date : 30 apr 2005

But it's *easy* to find such a function.  That is, if you're not 
one of those geometers with your mind brazed shut.  I'm sure some 
of those hifalutin math books on your shelf say that the gradient 
takes a scalar field as its argument, but let's think outside of 
the box.  A string of characters, such as, oh, "aether" is also a 
function, a function of chars.  Now in the spirit of object 
oriented programming, there is nothing stopping us from 
overloading the grad() function, and defining it such that 

grad("aether") = zi + 0j + 0k. 

In this case,  curl(grad("aether")) = j  is nonzero.  QED 

Dirk Van de moortel
Date : 30 apr 2005 

Oooooh yes, I hadn't looked at it from that solid angle! 


From sci.physics.relativity Posting Guidelines:

It is important to always bear in mind that some 
behavior is decidedly -unwelcome- at any time in this newsgroup, 

  * abusive flaming.

Bottom line: if you wouldn't say it in front of your mother or 
your boss, please don't say it here.


Excerpts from Vandemoortel crude language:

How did you call that: "Caught with your pants down"? 
What a pathetic little thief you are. 

I admit that I have no "good nature" for dog shit in my frontyard :-) 

Dog shit can't "mean well". 
Dog shit just stinks. 

Ah... but he loves being insulted. He actually thrives on 
it, so I'm merely providing a service here. 

I don't think anyone is interested in your random references to 
random articles. 

I think he sees himself as a smart and devious little man, 
but alas, he is so transparent that it's almost tragical :-) 

Using words and concepts that you clearly don't understand, 
can be very silly for you, but funny for us... 

What a silly and logically unsound way to say something 
so simple. 

Trust me, you really are a complete failure. There is 
no question about that. 

Only recently I got particularly fond of the new molecule 
Wilsonium Greenfieldium Stupidicate. 

A word of advice: 
Before you tell people what you can see from your frog's 
perspective, at least put your glasses on your frog's nose 

Note that I was not talking to you anyway. 

I don't even want to know what he was babbling about here, 

I am wondering what this concept has accomplished? 
It has accomplished that, exactly as I had predicted, the number 
of crackpots, idiots, kooks and trolls on these public forums has 
at least doubled. 

I'm sure that an idiot like you wouldn't even understand the 
first two lines of the derivations of the second hypothesis. 
You are completely stupid, remember? 

No no... he just can't properly express himself :-) 

Obviously this guy was born somewhere near the end of the 
19th century and has been hibernating during the entire 20th. 


So I went back now to wade through his vomit, looking for 
his question. 

Unlike you, who seems to be pulling something much 
shorter, of course he was pulling your leg, you stupid 

I estimate reading one out of 10 of your mental masturbation logs. 
When I do, I usually look at the first and the last two or three lines. 

Sometimes a few more. It depends on how sick I get. 
Now continue pulling your shortest leg - use your left claw for. 

How would a virulently antisemitic frustrated crackpot 
aerospace engineer with a few notions of mathematics 
like you know what anyone understands about general 
Actually you don't even manage to understand special 
relativity. You wouldn't even be able to grasp it if you 
wanted to. 

prepare for The Clash Of The Village Idiot Titans! 

Selective memory? 
Brain rot? 

Thanks for demonstrating your ignorance, for all to see. 

What a pathetic little piece of shit you are :-) 

Some of these frustrated retired engineers seem to have a 
strange kind of logic. 

So he really thinks that I would take the trouble to 
scrutinize the content of his intestines :-) 
What a dope indeed. 

You perfectly know all this, silly troll. 
I'm not doing this for an orifice like you, so you can pretend 
that I'm not replying. 

Gee, not only are you an idiot, 
you are frustrated, 
you are Eleatis, 
you are a coward, 
you are Bill Smith, 
you are a poor looser, 
you are Mike, 
you are a troll, 
you are Undeniable, 
so, I'm still waiting for something, remember, coward? 

That is irrelevant. 
You can't play and you are poor loser as well. 

As someone who can't even consistently fake 
dyslexia, you haven't got what it takes to have 
an opinion on anything. 

He doesn't even quote its sources 
What a worm. 

I hope you understand that :-) 

Nice to know that apparetly you are just as stupid as .... 

So what do we have here... you are an ignoramus in physics, 
you are an ignoramus in manners, now you turn out to be an 
ignoramus in mathematics as well :-) 

You picked all the well established trolls/crackpots. 
Good job, dyslexic troll sock puppet :-) 

You don't understand English. You can't read the words. 
You don't even know what a novel is, let alone a plot. 

You will of course learn a lot of stupidity from other idiots 
like ... and ... , which as far as I'm concerned, is 
excellent. I really hope that you will indeed learn nothing 
whatsoever. Of all the crackpots we have seen here, I 
think you are just about the most perfect victim of them 
all. You are succulent :-) 

Ah yes, mensa. The guys with the highest IQ/intelligence ratio 
on the planet. We had another idiot just like you a few years 
ago. He was Great Fun :-) 

And, as it seems, straight into your rear end ... 

You have a problem with physics. 
You have a problem with mathematics. 
It seems that you have a severe problem with logic as well. 

I am rubbing your dirty nose in your dirty droppings. 
You just contradicted yourself and you flunked logic. 

As you know, ... is a well established dishonest fool. 
I don't debate with that (and your) kind of people. 

Still sitting on your own lap these days? 

And then there are the ignorant arrogant assertions that tend 
to draw unkind and ungentle responses :-) 

I tried to help him on a few occasions and many others tried 
to help on many occasions, but it turned out that an autistic 
imbecile like ... cannot be helped and does not 
want to be helped. 
The same goes for a number of other imbeciles who spend 
their time here. 

But first of all, there *is* poison gas coming out of their sink, 
and second, they *love* it ;-) 

You forgot the orgasm he reached when ... said 
"Yes, it's a true statement, a trivial fact about velocity vectors." 

Discuss physics or mathematics? 
With a load of crap like you? 

So, you just have given us another instance of a linear 
combination of your dishonesty and stupidity. 

You have shown to be be too dumb for this during the last 
10 years. 

You are an idiot. 
Oops... forgot to mention... 
You are an idiot - of the most disgusting kind ... 

How utterly stupid :-) 

The thing is, troll, *you* don't uderstand what you are saying. 
All you can do - as you have repeatedly shown here - is 
handle a few equations without knowing what the variables 
mean, just like every other crackpot engineer we have here. 

This shows that you don't understand the first letter of SR, 
and/or that you are deliberately trying to mislead your readers. 
That is truly disgusting. 

Why don't you go and rape the Wikipedia some more? 

The mistakes in what *you* think relativity is, stem from 
*your* imbecile misinterpreation of it. I am not surprised. 

Most idiots have the same problem. 


You can run, but you can't hide, from your immense stupidity 

Hey cheater, this was not about "The Scientific Method", 
this was about your disgusting soulmate ... . Yuck. 

What on earth makes you think that I would be angry 
or fearing something? 
Fun over an imbecile, that is what I am having :-) 
More, more! 

That's what exactly happens with most crackpot engineers we 
have on this forum. They can be good engineers but they have 
no idea about relativity (or the scientific method in general) 
at all. This place is crammed with two kinds of crackpots: 
frustrated retired engineers like ... on the one hand, and 
arrogant stupid highschool dropouts like you on the other hand. 

Perhaps you should accomplish starting to try to accomplish 
trying to understand what coordinates are :-) 

I think that you are severely insane :-) 

There are no arguments, you silly little man. 
You are just plain stupid and ignorant in the most arrogant way. 

No, with linearity your continuing ignorance and stupidity 
is demonstrated. 

You have been trying to do this for YEARS and you 
have learned nothing. You are *incredibly* stupid. 

... moron, blockhead, troll, minus habens, ... , 
twit, village idiot, would-be terrorist, baboon, ... 
You are one of those multi-border cases. 
After all these years of witnessing your utterly arrogant 
ignorance and stupidity, I haven't quite decided yet. 
But we'll get there. E-ven-tchu-wa-lee. 

Actually it is just as elementary and trivially easy to prove 
as your crappy arrogant stupidity :-) 

You don't understand transformations. 
You don't understand coordinates. 
You have no feeling for physics. 
You have no feeling for elementary mathematics. 
You are one of the most stupid idiots we have ever seen here. 
Top entertainment value though. Keep'em coming ;-) 

What a bunch of crap :-) 


It has been debunked more times than you can say "shit!" 

The fact that you still come with this piece of tripe 
shows that you are an autistic troll. 
Thanks for providing proof of this once more :-) 

1200 times "you are an idiot". 
You will be back, craving for a new round of verbal abuse. 

..., you silly snot, you have always been a disgusting 
dishonest piece of shit, and now you were caught cheating 
again, as usual with your pants way down. 

Do you have any idea how much higher up in the 
intelligence hierarchy a moronic crackpot is than 
an autistic imbecile like yourself? 

I'm a bad guy, so after a while I call them autistics and 
kick their bottoms. It's just a hobby :-) 

You don't understand coordinates. 
You don't understand coordinate transformations. 
You don't understand analytical geometry. 
You don't understand linear algebra. 
You don't even understand logic. 
All this because you are MEGA-STUPID :-) 

Our little friend still doesn't get it. 
I know you don't like it, but unless ... is a malicious 
troll, that is what I call autistic behaviour. 
Of course, even if he *is* a troll, thinking he can get away 
with this kind of behaviour, he must be incredibly stupid as 
well :-)